Who doesn’t love a funky T-shirt with a pair of jeans for everyday wear? For some, sweatpants and a basic tee is an all-time grab.  T-shirt lovers look for tees that exactly feel like home when they’re in it. With some cool sneakers and a basic t-shirt, people tend to feel more comfortable and confident. It’s a classic look that people of both sexes can pull off. Every t-shirt is a pure expression of an individual’s fashion sense and a standard uniform for many. That’s why t-shirt businesses have become so common that anyone with a little money and business knowledge can start selling.

Come up with a niche to sell

Selecting a particular niche to sell your t-shirts will help you to stand out in the immense competition. Research about your target audience and decide what t-shirts they’d love to wear. You can look up to different similar websites, physical stores to get an idea of what is in trend now. Then, try to brainstorm your ideas and come up with a unique niche that is most likely to be appreciated by your target audience. An example of a more specific niche can be ‘funny dad t-shirts’ with quotes like “World’s greatest farter, I mean Father.” There are endless lame dad jokes that can be printed on T-shirts for your quirky customers. Find colors, quotes, images that are attractive to stand out and turns out to be successful.

Search for a keyword-rich domain name

A keyword-rich domain name is extremely useful when you’re all ready to set-up your t-shirt website. You definitely would want a website domain that’s easier for your customers to remember and search-engine friendly.

Keyword-rich domain name increases the chance of your website appearing higher up in Google’s search engine rankings. While choosing keywords, keep in mind if the keyword is relevant to your unique t-shirts, frequency to learn about your visitors, and competitors’ approach. The keywords must appeal to the local customers so that it helps identify your location to increase local searches. For search engine optimization, keywords play an essential role. This allows your potential customers to find your t-shirts that are relevant to their search, thereby increasing traffic on your website. To find a perfect domain for your t-shirt business, use a web hosting service provider such as GoDaddy.

Find an E-commerce Platform to showcase products

Just like how you can decorate physical stores according to your choice, it’s possible to set-up and design your online platform. There are plenty of great e-commerce platforms to showcase your products, which features built-in themes.

These platforms let you maintain your online presence, sell goods through built-in features, keep track of shipments, and orders swiftly. One of the best e-commerce platforms is Shopify. Shopify will allow you to quickly set-up a theme for your t-shirt business, sign-up, and add your products. This platform also offers a few free themes and 61 paid themes starting at $140. Shopify is famous for its responsive user interface that provides easy uploads, quick selling features for sellers. Get ready to upload t-shirts, boost up your sales with no additional charges.


Get your T-Shirt designs made

If you’re worried about the t-shirts design or can’t think of something creative, you can look at something that’s popular among celebrities or social media influencers. You can also check-in to Google trends to analyze what is in fashion now. Plenty of websites provide custom made, eye-catching designs for your business. One of our favorite websites to get affordable t-shirt designs by professionals is Fiverr.

Fiverr features different packages so you can get the one that fits your budget. Select a designer who will offer you the design exactly the way you have articulated it in your mind. Provide plenty of information, show designers your vision because your ability to communicate will have a great influence on the final designs. On Fiverr, you can review designers’ previous works, ratings, and reviews for skilled, affordable T-shirt designers.

Outsource production to a dropship t-shirt printing company

Dropshipping is one of the convenient ways to commence your t-shirt business. There are lots of drop shippers that offer trendy, unique t-shirts at different price levels. You don’t have to invest in purchasing your printing machine or bear inventory costs. Dropshipping services have made things so cost-effective and easy for businesses. Some drop shippers provide high-tech quality images, water-based, environmentally friendly inks, all-over-sublimation printing while others provide both screen and digital printing out. To design your t-shirts for your business, PRINTFUL offers sophisticated, high-quality designs from a wide variety of options. 

PRINTFUL also accepts any design, logo, or image to be printed on the packaging to provide a personalized touch impressing your customers. It also offers delivery to any corner of the world, so it doesn’t matter wherever your customers are located. For more information about t-shirt outsourcing, visit https://www.printful.com/.

Get SEO Tool to build organic traffic

Attract the attention of your potential customers by improving, uploading more relevant content to your website to appear in organic search results. This will help search engines to showcase your website that your customers are actually searching for. To boost your online store, a perfect SEO tool can drive more sales. SEMRUSH is an all-in-one marketing toolkit to research keywords for t-shirts, get more ideas of SEO, analyze other t-shirt business competitors to appear in organic search results.

By using SEMRUSH, you can deliver the right content that your potential customers are searching for.

Start a blog and Social media to drive more traffic

Starting a blog and posting relevant content on social media are two popular, cost-free, and the easiest way to drive more traffic. Studies revealed that the more you write blogs, the more you drive traffic to your website. So, you can upload some fresh content twice every week to appear in organic search as well. Social media can be an amazing way to reach out to more customers. There’s a good chance you can get most of your customers on social media networks. You can also target a specific audience according to your niche, which enables you to display ads in front of the right audience.

Final Thoughts

With so many competitors prevailing in the market, whether it’s online or offline, it becomes quite difficult for new start-ups to keep their heads high and survive. But we hope this guide will provide you with all the necessary steps to kick-start your t-shirt business with little money. Get started now!



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