The Best Web Hosting Service For Your Website 2020

There is no good website without a decent server. When subscribing to a web hosting service, a website owner rents a server that is always operating. Each website needs web hosting, although some renowned sites handle this themselves, we as low traffic site owners use web hosting services. Among the web hosting services, shared web

How to start a e-commerce business from scratch

What You Need to Start an E-commerce Business from Scratch

So you want to earn money by selling products and marketing by setting up an e-commerce business. In this time of the pandemic, with everyone stuck at homes, the e-commerce business is on the rise. Earlier, online shopping used to be an extravagance and convenience, and presently it’s a necessity. However, starting an e-commerce business

The Best Online Business Accounting Software 2020

Accounting is one of the core functions of a successful business. It helps an owner take precise decisions for further new projects. In addition, accounting keeps tabs on tax payments and the cash flows in a business. Calculating all these single handedly while running the business can be soul-crushing. That is why you should seek

Why you will fail to build your online business and how to avoid that

There are various studies that have shown that 90% of online businesses fail within the first four months of operation. This statistic might seem drastic, but sadly it’s true. If you are thinking of starting a new business, its essential to try and be in the 10% that find long-term success. So what can you

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is now a popular sales tactic that benefits both brands and marketers to generate sales and money. It’s a web-based system where you get paid for referrals. An affiliate marketer can choose to promote any products or services for businesses. So, every time a customer buys a product or

How to Start a T-Shirt Business: Proven Formula with Little Money

Who doesn’t love a funky T-shirt with a pair of jeans for everyday wear? For some, sweatpants and a basic tee is an all-time grab.  T-shirt lovers look for tees that exactly feel like home when they’re in it. With some cool sneakers and a basic t-shirt, people tend to feel more comfortable and confident.

Best Website Builders to Start Your Online Business 2020

Thanks to the evolution of technology, you don’t have to program a website for yourself. There are various top-tier website builders to help you develop the best websites for your online business.   Even if you sell the best products, but your website is crappy, your business will go down eventually. Then again, you can

How Gen-Z is successfully making money online

There is much about Gen Z that confuses older generations. There are a lot of things that they tend to do differently in comparison to baby boomers and millennials. The same can be said for their money habits. Gen Z is the generation born between the years 1996 and 2014. The oldest members of this

Woman Shopping Covid 19

How the Corona Virus has Created more online entrepreneurs

Throughout history, crisis has been essential for growth and development in human societies. Whether it be pandemics, wars or financial crisis, all have incentivized change and innovation. This is not different in the current situation, COVID-19 has forced entrepreneurs and companies to quickly adapt to the present challenge.

Businesses play an essential part in helping society get through an economic crisis, that is why even though the world has come to a halting point, sales can’t stop. The global pandemic has restricted people’s movements to keep people from getting sick, and this greatly interrupted various businesses. But still, the fact that consumers are unable to visit shops doesn’t mean there is a drop in demand. That is where the internet came into play, companies that showed resourcefulness, were quick to start selling their products online.


Closed Store Pandemic
Closed Store – Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Businesses should use digital tools so that they can create solutions to be able to solve the problems they are facing, so that they can have a chance to survive this crisis and even thrive in the long term.

This pandemic has quickly accelerated the process of digital transformation across most business sectors. The internet became essential because companies where able to reach their consumers online, thus maintaining sales.

These changes will shape sellers in the long run, as they have become more innovative and the way they offer their products and services have adapted to the new circumstances. An example of a prosperous company is Laithwaite’s Wine that despite the lockdown, saw a big rise in sales of Prosecco – up 117% year-on-year during April – and a 300% rise in new customers year-on-year in March and April. This is all thanks to their user-friendly online selling platform.

Companies that move quickly will have a huge advantage over their competitors in the current situation and also in post-pandemic economy. Whoever builds the most reliable and speedy website is likely to gain loyal customers, that will be with them long after this is over.

This is because customers are getting used to new forms of business, like online ordering and home delivery. Their shopping habits and attitudes have adapted to the new normality.

It’s very certain that the post-pandemic life will be different, the changes occurring during the crisis will have a lasting impact on society. As the world slowly is going back to what is was before, some changes brought by COVID will stay for good, like consumer behaviour and companies presence online.

The ability to build new system from the ground up and use digital tools, like websites and social media would help small businesses and entrepreneurs to rise and be put in more advantageous positions in economic recovery post-COVID-19.

This enormous opportunity would be present for everyone across a lot of different markets. The digital change must become a necessary thing for entrepreneurs if they want to survive this ongoing crisis and any future possible one.

It’s important to note that in times of crisis, challenges can be turned into opportunities as long as there is optimism and determination.

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