Thanks to the evolution of technology, you don’t have to program a website for yourself. There are various top-tier website builders to help you develop the best websites for your online business.


Even if you sell the best products, but your website is crappy, your business will go down eventually. Then again, you can do just fine with an average item if your online business has a well-developed website to ensure a satisfactory purchase for your customers.   

For your convenience’s sake, we have compiled a list of the best website builders to start your online business.

1. Squarespace

You should create a well-optimized and professional website before launching your online business. Using Squarespace, anyone can create a professional website since it doesn’t require any coding. It lets users make a well-developed website without coding and alter it effectively thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Using this website builder, you can create the website for your online business within minutes. You just need to pick a template, images, and texts, and your website will be ready and good to go. Furthermore, you don’t have to purchase any different web hosting to build your website; your website is assembled and hosted on Squarespace’s servers.

The new version of Squarespace offers features like G Suite, Getty Images, and Cover page builder.  Presently it’s conceivable to edit live content without shutting down the site and without going to and fro between the site manager and preview mode. Squarespace offers inline editing, which makes things less conceptual as well as faster.

Benefits at a glance

  • Affordable Pricing: Squarespace comes at extremely affordable pricing. And the best part is, if you want to try it out, you can avail of a 14 days free trial period.
  • User Friendly: Squarespace offers an easy to navigate dashboard, and anyone can create a website using it, thanks to its coding-free system.
  • The Best Themes: Squarespace offers more than 100 themes that are adaptable to both mobile devices and PCs.

2. Shopify

Shopify is extraordinary compared to other facilitated options for those wishing to start an online business. Shopify isn’t just a simple way to start and manage your online business; it’s seemingly the best for any individual who wants to sell on the web and also on a store. It’s likewise especially useful for clients who are keen on outsourcing.

A key point behind Shopify is to let clients without coding or plan aptitudes launch an online business without the assistance of an engineer – be that as it may, individuals who can code will be satisfied to find that the stage permits you to access both.

You don’t have to buy a domain to launch the website of your online business, Shopify runs on its servers. You just need internet access and pay a monthly fee, and your business will be running smoothly with the help of Shopify.

Benefits at a glance

  • Premium Themes: Shopify offers lots of beautiful themes. You will have full control over the look and feel of your site, from its theme to content and hues.
  • Lots of Plugins: Shopify welcomes its users with several plugins to promote small businesses. Its plugins are beneficial to enhance engagement with customers, boost sales, and attain more revenue.

3. Webflow

If you have a specific website in mind to start your online business, Webflow is the ideal website builder for you. Webflow allows you to create advance, specially designed, and custom websites to start your online business. It’s a combination of traditional and modern website builders since it assists you in creating your personalized website without coding.

Webflow offers more than 100 layouts, including 40 free layouts. The entirety of Webflow’s layouts fits the screen size of any device by which the customers are browsing. Additionally, using Webflow’s designer, you will have full control over HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Although you don’t have to code line by line, you can use the visual designer.

Benefits at a glance

  • Customer Support: Webflow offers one of the best customer support segments we’ve seen from a web builder. While Webflow doesn’t offer any sort of consulting service, it keeps up a rundown of Webflow Experts that can assist you with getting ready for action.
  • Customizable Design: Although Webflow offers more than 100 templates, you can also customize your website’s layout matching your online business.

4. Wix

Wix might be the perfect website builder if you have a low budget for launching a website for your online business. Their outwardly great templates are intended for small online businesses, online stores, and restaurants. They’re specially optimized for Tablets and mobile phones.

Any business owner can build their website. Whatever your expertise level, Wix’s incredible layout gives you full innovative control – without having any knowledge of coding.

Benefits at a glance

  • Inexpensive: Wix is accessible for free until you need proficient features like e-commerce or domain name. If you need professional features, you should look over one of their top-notch plans extending from “Combo” to “Business VIP.”
  • Animations: Wix is one of the very few website builders that allows animated texts and logos to be attached to the website.

5. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most advanced and reliable website builder available out there. WordPress began as a genuinely standard blogging stage (, later evolved into an advanced website builder ( that lets you make any site you can want – online business, business sites, eCommerce, etc.

Using WordPress, you can customize your website according to your necessities with no limitation. You just need to register a domain name and web hosting before launching your website for your online business.

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexibility: With WordPress, you can create any sort of website imaginable for your online business. The adaptability of WordPress lets you turn pictures, videos, and content into a useful site.
  • Customization: WordPress features thousands of templates for building websites. Depending on which template you’re using, it’ll accompany its own settings, which you can use to modify your website. A few templates may have much more customization choices than others.

Final Words

To wrap up, a website can make or break an online business. Every online business is launched with a target to generate more revenue every day. Having an optimized website could help to convert the traffic into your customers and ultimately boost the sales of your online business.

We hope our review has helped you choose a website builder to start your online business.



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